Nidji reached in Dahsyatnya Three Awards Nomination

Nidji reached in DahsyatnyaRCTI again conducted Dahsyatnya Awards. For the event of the award for the music that held human beings live from the Jakarta International Event and Convention Center (JITEC), Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta, In addition to category seeded Terdahsyat Song, Nidji also been nominated for the category Terdahsyat Band, and Stage Artists in Action Terdahsyat . Next Diurutan, followed ST12, Project Pop, Geisha, Purple, D'Massive, Wali, and Anang Hermansyah.
Interestingly, among the leading, came the name Lucky Men. Boy band led three children Ahmad Dhani, Al, El, and this Dul get two nominations, namely Terdahsyat song (Superman), and the New Immigrants Terdahsyat Artist.
The song category for Terdahsyat, Lucky Men competing with names familiar as ST12 (Let the Love), Guardian (Look for love match), Geisha (If Love Him), Purple (Capek), D'Massive (Do not Give up ), Nidji (the former), and Sam Hermansyah (Half of my soul Go). Artists are in the category of New Immigrants Terdahsyat, Al, El, and surrounded Dul 'brother, the Geisha, The Dance Company, The Potters, Vierra, and Zigaz.
"There are different with the implementation Dahsyatnya Awards in this year, in addition to selection based on SMS nominations there are some nominations that is an option that the jury Terdahsyat Nomination Video Clips, Video Clips Nominations Terdahsyat Director, Nominated Role In Video Clip Terdahsyat and Most Guest Stars Nomination Diligent Show Terdahsyat which makes this awarding more varied,
The jury selected for the 2010 Awards Dahsyatnya Djayadiningrat Dimas, Firdaus Fadlil, and Indra Dean Sakrie Yudhistira (Vice President Production RCTI). They have been doing the judging on last February 12, 2010. Of the many nominees selected five nominees for each category of jury selection judgments based on musical authenticity, and a few other things.
The event is hosted trio Raffi Ahmad, Olga Syahputra, and Luna Maya was also lively top musicians, such as Purple, D'Massive, ST12, Nidji, DENTAL, TRIAD, Guardians. For a solo artist names Rossa, Sherina, and Yuni Shara.

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