Zaskia Adya Mecca is now pregnant

Zaskia Adya Mecca is now pregnantZaskia Adya Mecca, 23, finally pregnant. Since married seven months ago, Zaskia and Hanung Bramantyo, 35, agreed to postpone a baby because Hanung already has one son from first marriage. According to Zakia after the new marriage will be going out. So maybe two more years .. Moreover, Hanung not sure ready to be a mother because she was young.
But Zaskia Hanung convinced that she deserves to be a mother, although not easy. According If a pregnant woman will be happy .. Hanung warned if the first experience was not easy. Opportunity honeymoon really just come late December. Usually they are out of town, but it was always accompanied by business. Substitution last year they went to Singapore. At first they wanted to really enjoy the holiday.
Holidays in Singapore turned out to have made them have a baby in the womb zaskia mecca. Age of the fetus was not yet two months. To maintain the pregnancy, Zaskia avoid canned drinks, junk food, or fast-food chicken. He also did not dare get on a plane

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