Gita Sinaga Dating for Accident

Gita SinagaThe love story can happen because of each other between the two sides. However, the video jockey (VJ) Surya admitted going out with Gita Sinaga accident. Gita who was at her side only replied with a laugh. Next, he added that their meeting because Arnelita Jennifer intervention.

Appeared in television broadcasts. Gita and Surya both seemed happy when he preached the love story in which they live. According to Surya, just two months they were dating. Because of that, too early for them to talk to more serious issues about the future. both claimed not to introduce each partner to each parent.

Edric Tjandra replace the celebration Knickers imlek

Edric TjandraNew Year celebration, or Lunar New Year, for Edric Tjandra felt more special when celebrated all things new. Not only the outer clothing, including underwear but also must be new.
To get the all-new clothes, he claimed not to have to buy it. But bias wear old clothes that are still in new condition or by changing the old clothes. For the underwear can be done to make improvements so comfortable.

Zivara blood transfusion has been undergoing a sad Nirina

Nirina Zubirafter feeling the joy of the birth of first child, spouse Ernest 'Chocolate' and Nirina Zubir experiencing restless and panicked. because, their daughter, Sharif Zivara Ruciragati abnormalities in his blood and had to undergo blood transfuse.
When I tried to be clarified, Ernest confirmed the news. The reason, according to Ernest, because the content type-O blood is more dominant than Zivara type B in the body.
Because of that condition, his first daughter looked worried. the doctor suggested to do a blood transfusion. After doing a blood transfusion the baby began to improve conditions.

Busy circulating on the internet naked Similar Images Mey Chan

Mey ChanNude photos of women who like Mey Chan circulating on the internet. However, there has been no confirmation of Mey Chan for sure whether the image is true or just engineering of digital technology. Mey Chan denied that the photo was him.
Previously, intimate photos Mey Chan with a man also has outstanding Caucasians. But about this one picture, Mey Chan did not deny it. Friends Estiansty duo Maia is admitted that the photo is a picture of him.

The baby's father in the womb is still mysterious Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marciaafter examination in the womb ultrasound (ultrasonography) Midwifery, RS Harapan Bunda, Pasarrebo, East Jakarta. artist Sheila Marcia Joseph (20) crying in his mother's arms, she wept when asked by the doctor who examined it, who the biological father of her fetus. Sadness is when tertus continues wartawarn asking the same thing.
Biological father Sheila fetus in the womb is now nine months old is still mysterious. He was touched when he saw the baby at the time of the 4-dimensional ultrasound.
Sheila came to the Harapan Bunda Hospital at around 13:00 and content inspection for about four hours. Actress whose weight is now up to 71 pounds were admitted to give birth normally.
Birth preparation has been done. Sheila had bought the stroller, diapers, baby dress up in white, she did not want to know the sex of fetus. Baby names boy and girl also was prepared.
With age who had approached the womb during childbirth, Sheila each week content inspection. According to Dr. Djaja Kusli SpOG Arman, obstetricians Harapan Bunda Hospital, Sheila normal pregnancy.
Sheila was released from detention center bamboo hut, East Jakarta. last week, after a rest period of detention for five months. Sheila became prisoners for carrying drugs.

Target Ringgo Agus Rahman Marriage Before Age 30 Years

Ringgo Agus RahmanLovers who have a near-perfect, does not guarantee a man to be committed. At least that's what actors and presenters recognized Ringgo Agus Rahman.

Despite having a long love with a beautiful actress Revalina S. Temat, 27 years old actor was not thought to marry his beloved.

The actor's birth was August 12, 1982, said, he was always puzzled when asked when married. The question is, go Ringgo, together with the question of when she had children.

However, that does not mean, Ringgo not have a target. He admitted to removing the bachelor until age 30.

According to him have not been able to think about marriage. One of them, still want a lot to learn, especially about the world behind the scenes.

The desire to learn it, said Ringgo, can not walk up to if she was married. Therefore, while still single, he wanted to use as much time as possible to learn about the world behind the scenes.

Julia Perez became Sports Teacher

Julia Perez is not only good at acting. but the sexy actress was also able to teach as a teacher. Julia perez opportunity to teach in SMAN 16 Jakarta.

In the program Teacher Celebrities Trans 7, the 29-year actress gets allotted a gym teacher. Julia perez looks really enjoyed her role. Julia Perez was wearing a training teaches several sports. Among other things, boxing and martial arts

Being a teacher one day, he was not awkward sent some students came forward. In fact, an actress born July 15, 1980 it had a chance to practice how to attack using a boxing glove.

Although the activity through smoothly, Julia perez pleaded not easy being a teacher. A teacher must be able to set an example and gives a good example to students.

Julia perez says he is embarrassed when teaching the class. He also got confused when the talk ran out in front of students.