Asty Ananta went to Mecca and Request husband

Asty AnantaAnanta Asty soap opera star (Sebatas Impian) has plans to run the worship Umroh the holy land of Mecca. The purpose is as a gratitude to God for healing his mother and asked to immediately get Husband. Mother Asty ananta past few months, complaining pain in the head-to had been treated in hospital. Now, his condition began to improve. Ananta Asty umrah service through a second time. During nine days in the holy land, he would be accompanied by her mother, Yuntia Ningrum.

Asking for healing and health for the mother becomes the main objective while in the Holy Land (Mecca). But, besides that, the owner's full name Eka Wardhani Annastya Yuntya not forget to apply launched her husband. Understandably, the age was 26 years, he has also found the companion of life.

Prayer request husband thought it would. But, since childhood I believe all God's creatures were created in pairs. I am sure my partner to exist. If until now I have not married, maybe I'm prepared to be the best for him and vice versa.

Mahadewi Music Group declined to offer songs Ahmad Dhani

mahadewiAhmad Dhani is the head of the music group has long Mahadewi not create a new song. But Ahmad Dhani was trying to adapt the lyrics songwriter's hits from abroad. Track the results of these adaptations will be submitted to Pete to be the album. However, the two admitted to Mahadewi vocal decline, although the chance that song came from Ahmad Dhani, head of music production house and a leading artist management Mahadewi.

According to Puri, one of the personnel Mahadewi, explained that Ahmad Dhani was never offered them the song like that. According If ahmad Dhani offered, they will not accept it.

But if the song without lyrics adaptation, Pete did not mind. They have also brought some old songs for the creation Dhani Dewa 19. the important thought the song fit with our sound, because Ahmad Dhani of the most known characters of our voices.

As it is known that Pete the music group is one group under the leadership of Ahmad Dhani which is one line of music group in Indonesia.

Zaskia Adya Mecca is now pregnant

Zaskia Adya Mecca is now pregnantZaskia Adya Mecca, 23, finally pregnant. Since married seven months ago, Zaskia and Hanung Bramantyo, 35, agreed to postpone a baby because Hanung already has one son from first marriage. According to Zakia after the new marriage will be going out. So maybe two more years .. Moreover, Hanung not sure ready to be a mother because she was young.
But Zaskia Hanung convinced that she deserves to be a mother, although not easy. According If a pregnant woman will be happy .. Hanung warned if the first experience was not easy. Opportunity honeymoon really just come late December. Usually they are out of town, but it was always accompanied by business. Substitution last year they went to Singapore. At first they wanted to really enjoy the holiday.
Holidays in Singapore turned out to have made them have a baby in the womb zaskia mecca. Age of the fetus was not yet two months. To maintain the pregnancy, Zaskia avoid canned drinks, junk food, or fast-food chicken. He also did not dare get on a plane

Farah Quinn refused Bids Being Cast Film

Farah Quinn Farah has been offered several times a film by renowned director in Indonesia. However, the Farah always reject the offer. He refused because they do not fit the scenario of the film has to offer. According to him despite being a guest star, but when it came to cooking he would want but if another scenario he would reject it.

As we know now Quinn's popular farah. his career in the television industry to crawl up. Starting from the cooking show, now he deserves the title as the queen of the ad. In the past 1.5 years, there are ten products that put her face as a model. The entrance into the world of entertainment has been opened wide. Many who came to bid, including the offer of a movie.

talk about the film, Farah expressed longing for now do not have much time to watch with her husband, Carson Quinn. Actually, the movie can be a fun activity with a man who married her in 2005's. Farah himself liked the film from a true story like Hotel Rwanda or The Pianist.

Not only with my husband, because his work is remarkable, sometimes he gets missed his only child, Armand Quinn is now 2.5 years old. To Armand, Farah tried to tell that he was doing this for Armand, too. In order to remain able to mingle with Armand, if filming done in Jakarta, Farah would take his son's

Little singer Dara Swandana produced by Mira Lesmana

Mira LesmanaAs it is known that the Mira is very concerned lesmana children terhdap world. Mira Lesmana Caring for a child's world is not enough to be realized by making films for children. But the wife of a senior actor Muchus Mathias has now plunged into the world of music and sponsoring little singer Dara album titled Swandana “Tiga Kata Ajaib”
Sweet little album pairs M. Effendi Sitompul and Devita Fitr is a collaboration with Miles Music Trinity Optima Production. She worked on the seriousness of the music project was marked by a musician who also took members of the House Teresa Ebenna Ezeria Tere Pardede or as a composer. Do not miss Keyla contributed one song in the mini-album contains six songs.

Mentioned about his involvement, she said the start of the world's concern over the children. In his view, children are now forced to grow up. let alone a child listening to the song, they listen more and sing songs adult band.

Dara talent in Mira Swandana when a jury in a singing competition. Mira interest to Dara Swandana precisely not because of sophisticated vocal technique. However, her innocence and acts as a natural child.

Marcell'll Play Movie Again

Marcell'll Play Movie AgainAs we know that long marcell not play movies. After parting with Dewi Lestari, and then develop a new family with Rima Melati Adams, Marcell Siahaan pace rarely seen.

now, he's out single. Not a new song, but song ever sung recycle Dea Mirella and Jasmine Trias. Marcell is found in Central Sarbini ¬ says his only doing something he loved.

In the world of acting, after missing the ham ¬ Marcell almost five years will play a new movie. This time Marcell played in action movies plus medi ¬ ko. He said, in the film is martial arts scene, but the story contains elements of comedy. About the title, Marcell did not want to share. But definitely, tai chi sports fans are happy to return to acting.

His wife, Rima Melati Adams, strongly supports the decision. In fact, Marcell Rima helped in deepening the character. In Singapore, Rima also known as an actress. If Marcell had a headache to learn the role, which became encouragement Rima. he still had to get more deeply the role

Jessica Simpson talked to Oprah

Artist Jessica Simpson, 29 years old, told her guts to Oprah Winfrey. story about statements her former lover, John Mayer, about himself.
John Mayer once told Playboy magazine when Jessica was wild in bed.
The statement is for Jessica inflamed. In an interview to Oprah Winfrey on the Oprah Winfrey Show last Wednesday, Jessica looked upset. He said that did not want everyone to know how my time in bed. Jennifer Aniston similar. Friends television series players are also former boyfriend John Mayer was also upset with the words of Mayer in Playboy.
Without sin Mayer reveals love affair with Jennifer Aniston while. Their love story is told Mayer, and written in March 2010 issue of Playboy.
According to sources, Jennifer assessing what Mayer does not deserve it. told

Actor Andrew Koenig Suicide

U.S. ACTOR Andrew Koenig, who lost in Canada and had a role in 1980 television comedy of "Growing Pains", committed suicide.
"Our son took his own life," said Walter Koenig, who served as Lieutenant Pavel Chekov in the original TV series "Star Trek", told reporters. Andrew Koenig (41) was last seen on February 14, when he left the apartment of a friend who she visited in Vancouver, and he was reported missing four days later, after his father, who was in Los Angeles, United States, received a letter that conveys the destruction of the liver from his son.
The loss of Andrew made friends, including actress Alyssa Milano, actor Kirk Cameron and comedian Sarah Silverman sent a statement in cyberspace or statement to find out about its existence.
In the network his father, both parents are Andrew sent a long statement about his son, including the fact that he had suffered from clinical depression when she disappeared.
Walter Koenig pleaded with people who are depressed do not ignore similar to the disease and seek help.
After a search last week, Walter Koenig said he and his friend Andrew's last attempt to do a search on Stanley Park - a green field outside the grass, and trees that became tourist attraction in the city center - Thursday morning. Towards evening, a friend discovered the body of his son.

Nidji reached in Dahsyatnya Three Awards Nomination

Nidji reached in DahsyatnyaRCTI again conducted Dahsyatnya Awards. For the event of the award for the music that held human beings live from the Jakarta International Event and Convention Center (JITEC), Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta, In addition to category seeded Terdahsyat Song, Nidji also been nominated for the category Terdahsyat Band, and Stage Artists in Action Terdahsyat . Next Diurutan, followed ST12, Project Pop, Geisha, Purple, D'Massive, Wali, and Anang Hermansyah.
Interestingly, among the leading, came the name Lucky Men. Boy band led three children Ahmad Dhani, Al, El, and this Dul get two nominations, namely Terdahsyat song (Superman), and the New Immigrants Terdahsyat Artist.
The song category for Terdahsyat, Lucky Men competing with names familiar as ST12 (Let the Love), Guardian (Look for love match), Geisha (If Love Him), Purple (Capek), D'Massive (Do not Give up ), Nidji (the former), and Sam Hermansyah (Half of my soul Go). Artists are in the category of New Immigrants Terdahsyat, Al, El, and surrounded Dul 'brother, the Geisha, The Dance Company, The Potters, Vierra, and Zigaz.
"There are different with the implementation Dahsyatnya Awards in this year, in addition to selection based on SMS nominations there are some nominations that is an option that the jury Terdahsyat Nomination Video Clips, Video Clips Nominations Terdahsyat Director, Nominated Role In Video Clip Terdahsyat and Most Guest Stars Nomination Diligent Show Terdahsyat which makes this awarding more varied,
The jury selected for the 2010 Awards Dahsyatnya Djayadiningrat Dimas, Firdaus Fadlil, and Indra Dean Sakrie Yudhistira (Vice President Production RCTI). They have been doing the judging on last February 12, 2010. Of the many nominees selected five nominees for each category of jury selection judgments based on musical authenticity, and a few other things.
The event is hosted trio Raffi Ahmad, Olga Syahputra, and Luna Maya was also lively top musicians, such as Purple, D'Massive, ST12, Nidji, DENTAL, TRIAD, Guardians. For a solo artist names Rossa, Sherina, and Yuni Shara.

The film 'Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan’ ' Failed Served

Hantu Puncak Datang BulanHantu Puncak Datang Bulan’ film, starring the artist Andi Soraya, failed to appear in theaters, because, the film makers fear the threat from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).
This was disclosed over the phone by Yan Wijaya, a spokesman for K2K Productions, the film company that makes Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan’ . "From yesterday circulated SMS threats from FPI. If this film FPI will continue running the demo and confiscated the film, "he explained.
According to schedule, it should last movie will be shown in 32 cinemas in Jakarta. K2K Production party was already preparing the film for 43 copies distributed throughout Indonesia.
As is known, Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan was brought controversy, especially since the synopsis circulating on YouTube. In the film seemed a porn scene, among others, Andi Soraya melakoni off her bra and bed scenes with Ferly Son, newcomer actor who has become her lover.
On the other hand, FPI Chairman of DKI Jakarta, Habib Umar bin Salim, giving the label "moral terrorists" Come to the Ghost Month Peak. The label is attached to Salim when meeting Film Censorship Institution (LSF) related to the FPI protest over this horror film.
Not only the protests of the film. Protests also launched to Andi Soraya because heat scene. The next protest addressed to the LSF. Institution consisting of people from these areas is often considered a horror movie pass porn.

Sandra Bullock Go to Oscars 2010

Sandra Bullock Go to Oscars 2010In the best series Golden Globe nomination in 2010, several names come back to compete. best director, best film, best actor, best actress, best actor and best actress, again repeated in Hollywood cinema.
Avatar, film and best-selling James Cameron's creation in the Golden Globe back facing strongest competitor, The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow. Becomes interesting, because Cameron and Bigelow is a former spouse.
Is science fiction film Avatar back to repeat his success at the Golden Globes, or The Hurt Locker likened his position to one at Academy Awards or Oscars in 2010 on March 7, 2010 later? Both won nine nominations in different categories.
Cameron and Bigelow addition, three other prominent directors - Quentin Tarantino ( Inglourious Basterds ), Lee Daniels (Precious: Based on the novel Push by Shapphire), Jason Reitman (Up in the Air) - still a chance of victory.
while best lead actress category. Will compete Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep Oscar. Bullock, best actress at the Golden Globe

Want Kinaryosih Only legally married

KinaryosihHaving failed to continue the story with Brett, Kinaryosih hoping this last option to then legally married and not married siri.

Winner of Femina face is added if the marriage is sacred and holy that if he wants to get married later that the marriage will be the first and the last for him. That's what makes the artist who is also the model would not rush to get married.

List of movies that have dilakoni women who started his career as a model long enough. He began his career in soap operas and then jumped into the film starts from females and Alexandria.

Sheila Marcia forgive you baby

Sheila Marcia Actress Sheila Marcia gave birth to a daughter without a father of the baby. However Sheila forgive anyone who hurt her.

Cast film is accompanied by her mother's baby and her ex-lover, Josh Pieter. Sheila's birth was recorded as a memento.

Women who once rumored near Trio 'Drive' will soon return to the world of entertainment. But before he wanted to focus on taking care banyinya Leticia named Charlotte Agraciara. Sheila did not want to use the service to take care of her child babysitter.

Amini is married reported

Amini is married reportedAmini's ex-lover was director Jay Dimas has been rumored to release his widow status. However, the owner of the name was born Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Heryadie Wardhani is still denied. He said it could only nodded. when he was not able to give a satisfactory answer journalists,

Celebrities with high quality labels jomblo this is often pursued because of his loneliness. Could, Shanty back into the arms of Jay Dimas. But then separated again.

Gossip marriage to a top banking official had also hit Indonesia. Shanty was successfully denied. he said he would be ngundang if married, because they do not want to get married secretly.

Currently the album owner of North Star's claim to still get together with her lover, Sebastian Paredes. And make sure he was still married to her lover.

Raul bought the house for Krisdayanti

Raul bought the house for KrisdayantiKrisdayanti (35) denied had bought a house worth billions of dollars by her husband, Raul Lemos. According to this singer, the new building is not residential, but used as a secretariat office for KD Production paperwork.

According to KD, the new building was purchased with money from his hard work earned investment.

KD said, to use the building as a place of business, he had asked permission to board neighborhood local. RT / RW gives permission, the condition does not cause noise and disturb the environment.

KD denied the news stating that she had to do pre-wedding in Bali. He even prayed for her ex-husband, Sam, get a suitable bride and albums Joey wants to be successful.

Some time ago news came that the KD has been doing pre-wedding with Rahul Lemos, businessmen from East Timor.

Tamara Bleszynski reportedly pregnant

Tamara Bleszynski reportedly pregnantTamara Bleszynski find a mate after a widow for more than 3 years. The selected partner is Mike Lewis, the player models and soap opera. They were married in Bali, 2 February. This couple's wedding held at Villa Bayu hide Shabba and family attended only two parties and their close friends.

Tamara Bleszynski held a press conference for the first time, this new couple appeared in front of the media. Tamara and Mike came hand in hand with glowing faces. Mike's eyes looked so adored Tamara. Many times he called as his beloved wife Tamara.

Both performed well. Mike previously mentioned as Tamara affair was not much to talk about the wedding. Tamara did not talk about her pregnancy rumors. Instead they shared stories about their charitable actions done through the sale of wedding photographs.

Mike Lewis admitted finding the right mate Tamara Bleszynski on themselves. Without hesitation, Mike explained his feelings to the mother of one child.

Anang Hermansyah make Blonde Loyalty

Anang Hermansyah make Blonde LoyaltySinger Anang Hermansyah, 40, was busy Promotion. Not only new songs, he also promotes loyalty in a relationship. Krisdayanti ex-husband created a symbol of loyalty that is described in terms of two index fingers.

When he appeared on stage or video clips, Aurel and father did not miss Azriel show symbols.Post-divorce with KD and again became active soloist, Sam threw her new single to the market.In a song titled SEPARUH JIWAKU PERGI my soul, Joey tells of an unfaithful spouse. This is described with two index fingers are crossed.

Now, in his latest song, JANGAN MEMILIH, the index finger was involved. Does that mean he has a wound healing?

Single concert Gita Music Box for Gita Gutawa

Single concert Gita Music Box for Gita Gutawa major steps taken Gita Gutawa in his career. The first daughter of famous composer Erwin Gutawa it will make a single concert called Music Box Gita

Travel Gita in the world of music recently. Sweet girl born in Jakarta, August 11, 1993, was also recently had two albums, Gita Gutawa (2007) and Harmony of Love (2009). However, Gita was determined to give the best performance on that single concert.

during this preparation was plenty. Three months Gita Gitawa practice and sound engineering.In concert she'll sing 22 songs.

Singer award-winning Best New Immigrants and AMI Best Album Award 2008 will also be dance and perform musical scene. The music will be packed with the band, orchestra, too.

In addition there are special guest stars had been prepared for the concert Gita increasingly rampant. Unfortunately, he did not want to mention anybody's guest stars. The concert arena will be a proof for the award-winning New Kids On The Block from Rolling Stone magazine in 2008's. An offering will be well prepared with her show to public

Live concert, he was like when exposed to an album issued three years ago. Because of the name Bhosle, when the rate was much his album as a project of nepotism.

Apparently, the album was successful. Many good things come to him. Won numerous awards.Not only in the homeland but also managed to prove on the international capabilities.

One of the hardest things in the face of the concert is a matter of setting the school schedule and training. He had to school from 7 am until 5 pm. After that, the new practice Gita. Even so, Gita did not want to miss school. Academic achievement should continue to be made

Tina Toon Start Changing Image

Tina Toon Start Changing ImageTina Toon no longer willing to say little star artist, singer-song Bolo Bolo began to change the appearance in front of the camera so that the singer considered a teenager

Although a bit difficult, artist born in Jakarta, August 20, 1993, is trying to give something new to some fans.

To be accepted back country music lovers, artists who have the complete name Agustina Hermanto was trying hard enough. One of them, lose weight.

Therefore, to change the appearance, the first child between two brothers and partners Aan Hermanto Megawati's vigorous exercise and keep eating. Tina Tin reduce fatty foods and exercise regularly

Maia Estianty building to house the New Husband

Maia Estiantysinger Maia Estianty (33) build a luxury house worth USD 6 billion in Pejaten, South Jakarta. The house was built with the purpose As with the living with three children and her new husband.
Maia made three rooms for three children, namely Al, El and Dul, in houses built on land covering around 850 square meters. For fruit the same heart, Maia made the play facilities, swimming pool, and the studio.
Maia had expressed that the house was later also to live with her new husband. For Maia really want to get married in order to avoid a bad perception about the status of widows.
Umi, a spiritual teacher who is also close to actress Richa Novisha reveals, Maia is often poured out his heart to her. Umi admitted glad to see Maia could rise from the slump because of cracks household with Ahmad Dhani. Besides that Maia had said he would marry in 2010.
Sebelumnnya, paranormal Mama Laurent had predicted that in the year 2010 will be married to Maia albino man.
The new house was occupied by Maia. He had moved some furniture and equipment from his home studio in Pondok indah, South Jakarta to his new home.

Verlita Evelyn was married

Verlita Evelyn cinta fitriWedding procession between verlita and Ivan Saba held at Christ Church Cathedral, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, had gone smoothly. then verlita instantly resign from the shooting.
Verlita and Ivan just enjoy a day of rest, because, he had to go back through her routine as Maya in the soap opera Cinta Fitri.
Problem honeymoon, the couple actually Verli-Ivan also specially invited by President BJ Habibie for a vacation to Germany. However, apparently Verli and Ivan have a place they would visit for a honeymoon, the Krabi Island, Thailand. This tourism object is an island shaped like a private island.
Verli and Ivan continue to feel happy even without the presence of David AM Saba (Ivan's father who died last week), the entire series of their marriage took place as planned. Both can also be proud because through marriage with a car RI 1.
Old cars made in 1963 that in fact never be the President of service vehicles that are collections of parent friends of both families. According to Verli, the presence of an antique car that became part of their wedding theme is classic glamor.
Conferences and Ivan verlita first time in the GKI Pondok Indah in 2003. The meeting continued a year later, and they know thanks to Karen intervention. They finally dated on February 6, 2005. The date was also chosen for her wedding day

DJ Riri restrict guests at the wedding

DJ Riri restrict guests at the weddingAccording to Audi Mestika Riri Rachman, marriage is a great procession. Because of that, the man known as DJ Riri is limiting the guests who attended the wedding reception with Ola Harika.
A second marriage after divorce with Alice Norin is held two times, namely Sunday (14 / 2) and Sunday (21 / 2)
Couples wedding reception DJ Riri with Ola was held at a mosque in Medan, 8 February. DJ Riri submit a set of tools for prayer and the Qur'an dowry to her partner
DJ Riri admitted, his acquaintance with Ola occurred about seven months ago, since then he felt there was a match, both agreed to get married. According Riri, Ola does not question the status that had failed in the household through the ship.
Girl born in Medan, July 16, 1985 was also not question the 11-year age difference between the two. Mentioned about the honeymoon, Rini said should be postponed. because right now he's busy with her new album promo

Circumference decreased Denada dish 12 cm

DenadaThe emergence of artist Elizabeth Anggia Ayu Denada Tambunan make a lot of people surprised. Banyuwangi bloody artist posture looks more slender wrapped tight clothing.
How to look slimmer, Elizabeth Denada Anggia Tambunan Ayu was actually confirmed that he did was run a healthy lifestyle.
Princess Emilia Contessa senior singer added that she now no longer eat. foods containing sugar and fat. Besides that Denada also undergo a healthy lifestyle
Thanks to the strict discipline of food, finally able to smile when he reduced his waist circumference of about 12 cm in addition to regulate the diet, the girl born in Jakarta, December 19, 1978 was also diligent exercise. Denada daily jogging routine for about an hour

Suster Keramas protested Nurses

Suster KeramasThe mass of Nursing Students' Association of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi) in Makassar protesters refused the film Sister shampoo.

Around 100 nurses from various universities in Makassar in South Sulawesi before legislators to ask for assertiveness starring film artists from Japan, Rin Sakuragi, withdrawn from circulation.

They urged the House to recommend immediate removal of the film's marketing authorization for votes displays pornographic scenes to discredit the profession so nurses.

They also asked the Maxima Productions, which produced the film, pulled the film and immediately apologized to the public, especially to the nursing profession institutions who feel harassed.

World cinema in the country which should be the means of education, entertainment, and education is often caused by tainted director in developing a scene and giving the title. they also threatened if the movie is still playing then they will make sweeping in cinemas and shops that might sell compact discs (CDs) this film

Shireen Sungkar Birthday in Singapore

Shireen SungkarShireen Sungkar realized that as a public figure almost no side of life is so private. Including the intention to celebrate a birthday, the daughter of Mark and Fanny Bauty Sungkar is forced to dampen the desire to enjoy the special atmosphere with his extended family.

Shireen fan in Singapore was cast away on an invitation. They wanted to celebrate the birthday of his hero at the Lion Country.

In Singapore, a girl born in Jakarta, January 28, 1992 it was fairly well known thanks to the soap opera starring Cinta Fitri with Teuku Vishnu. Fans out there who have formed fan club, to celebrate the second birthday of the daughter's three brothers. Although not specifically celebrate birthdays, departure to Singapore last January that the fifth time.

asked about its activities through the filming of Cinta Fitri the artist who started his career as a semi-finalist 2006 Cover Girl is not often feel a sense of rejecting saturated. Moreover, his involvement in the soap opera MD Entertainment production has been going on for almost 3.5 years ..

According to Shireen, supporters love him with filming every Fitr Monday through to Saturday.Although the day off Sunday, but rarely can be used to rest.

One thing that can be recognized again to lift his spirits when considering fee is received as an actor in the soap opera cinta Fitri.

Krisdayanti Scolded DI3VA

Krisdayanti Scolded DI3VASinger Sam Milby said that he does not matter if his friends in the vocal group DI3VA angry at him. According to him, feeling angry and disappointed because they were three, namely Krisdayanti, Titi DJ, and Ruth Sahanaya, do not often see each other again and felt lost.

Yesterday Titi DJ also fill the same event. But they do not show intimacy. Kiyani also chose first home.

Krisdayanti for what happened with DI3VA for this is not a rift. He also still held the hope that DI3VA still solid and not dissolved. But Kiyani is not willing to disclose the conversation between him and Titi which occurred less than five minutes.

Since household Krisdayanti Anang Hermansyah break and lead to divorce, suddenly the little brother of the singer Yuni Shara is difficult in the contact. In fact, Titi has said that several times he failed to contact KD

Gita Sinaga Dating for Accident

Gita SinagaThe love story can happen because of each other between the two sides. However, the video jockey (VJ) Surya admitted going out with Gita Sinaga accident. Gita who was at her side only replied with a laugh. Next, he added that their meeting because Arnelita Jennifer intervention.

Appeared in television broadcasts. Gita and Surya both seemed happy when he preached the love story in which they live. According to Surya, just two months they were dating. Because of that, too early for them to talk to more serious issues about the future. both claimed not to introduce each partner to each parent.

Edric Tjandra replace the celebration Knickers imlek

Edric TjandraNew Year celebration, or Lunar New Year, for Edric Tjandra felt more special when celebrated all things new. Not only the outer clothing, including underwear but also must be new.
To get the all-new clothes, he claimed not to have to buy it. But bias wear old clothes that are still in new condition or by changing the old clothes. For the underwear can be done to make improvements so comfortable.

Zivara blood transfusion has been undergoing a sad Nirina

Nirina Zubirafter feeling the joy of the birth of first child, spouse Ernest 'Chocolate' and Nirina Zubir experiencing restless and panicked. because, their daughter, Sharif Zivara Ruciragati abnormalities in his blood and had to undergo blood transfuse.
When I tried to be clarified, Ernest confirmed the news. The reason, according to Ernest, because the content type-O blood is more dominant than Zivara type B in the body.
Because of that condition, his first daughter looked worried. the doctor suggested to do a blood transfusion. After doing a blood transfusion the baby began to improve conditions.

Busy circulating on the internet naked Similar Images Mey Chan

Mey ChanNude photos of women who like Mey Chan circulating on the internet. However, there has been no confirmation of Mey Chan for sure whether the image is true or just engineering of digital technology. Mey Chan denied that the photo was him.
Previously, intimate photos Mey Chan with a man also has outstanding Caucasians. But about this one picture, Mey Chan did not deny it. Friends Estiansty duo Maia is admitted that the photo is a picture of him.

The baby's father in the womb is still mysterious Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marciaafter examination in the womb ultrasound (ultrasonography) Midwifery, RS Harapan Bunda, Pasarrebo, East Jakarta. artist Sheila Marcia Joseph (20) crying in his mother's arms, she wept when asked by the doctor who examined it, who the biological father of her fetus. Sadness is when tertus continues wartawarn asking the same thing.
Biological father Sheila fetus in the womb is now nine months old is still mysterious. He was touched when he saw the baby at the time of the 4-dimensional ultrasound.
Sheila came to the Harapan Bunda Hospital at around 13:00 and content inspection for about four hours. Actress whose weight is now up to 71 pounds were admitted to give birth normally.
Birth preparation has been done. Sheila had bought the stroller, diapers, baby dress up in white, she did not want to know the sex of fetus. Baby names boy and girl also was prepared.
With age who had approached the womb during childbirth, Sheila each week content inspection. According to Dr. Djaja Kusli SpOG Arman, obstetricians Harapan Bunda Hospital, Sheila normal pregnancy.
Sheila was released from detention center bamboo hut, East Jakarta. last week, after a rest period of detention for five months. Sheila became prisoners for carrying drugs.

Target Ringgo Agus Rahman Marriage Before Age 30 Years

Ringgo Agus RahmanLovers who have a near-perfect, does not guarantee a man to be committed. At least that's what actors and presenters recognized Ringgo Agus Rahman.

Despite having a long love with a beautiful actress Revalina S. Temat, 27 years old actor was not thought to marry his beloved.

The actor's birth was August 12, 1982, said, he was always puzzled when asked when married. The question is, go Ringgo, together with the question of when she had children.

However, that does not mean, Ringgo not have a target. He admitted to removing the bachelor until age 30.

According to him have not been able to think about marriage. One of them, still want a lot to learn, especially about the world behind the scenes.

The desire to learn it, said Ringgo, can not walk up to if she was married. Therefore, while still single, he wanted to use as much time as possible to learn about the world behind the scenes.

Julia Perez became Sports Teacher

Julia Perez is not only good at acting. but the sexy actress was also able to teach as a teacher. Julia perez opportunity to teach in SMAN 16 Jakarta.

In the program Teacher Celebrities Trans 7, the 29-year actress gets allotted a gym teacher. Julia perez looks really enjoyed her role. Julia Perez was wearing a training teaches several sports. Among other things, boxing and martial arts

Being a teacher one day, he was not awkward sent some students came forward. In fact, an actress born July 15, 1980 it had a chance to practice how to attack using a boxing glove.

Although the activity through smoothly, Julia perez pleaded not easy being a teacher. A teacher must be able to set an example and gives a good example to students.

Julia perez says he is embarrassed when teaching the class. He also got confused when the talk ran out in front of students.

The house was busy preparing Dian Sastro fiancee

Dian Sastro engagementThe day before the engagement, the house beautiful actress Dian Sastro busy addressed. Dozens of people looked back and forth to do his duty to beautify the home.

tent was already installed on the home page. In addition to tents, the lights are also installed, as well as home decor. In addition, the generator also been prepared. Alleged to anticipate the occurrence of electric death, because recently a number of areas affected often die of electricity.

Some gardeners also looked busy beautifying the home page Sastro Dian, Dian Sastro will establish engagement with her boyfriend, Guna Indra Sutowo.

However, has not been established at what time this engagement will be performed. Dian addition, this weekend also Virnie Ismail'm happy. Because she had taken off single with his girlfriend Yudha Ferry Indra.

Dian Sastro about marriage until this very moment there is no clarity. estimated the wedding will take place April 2010. However, the number of confirmed KUA permohononan not get married the beautiful actress.

After Childbirth, Sheila Marcia Want Revenge

Sheila MarciaThere is pent desire of Sheila Marcia Joseph for revenge after having a baby later. This desire to put off for nine months. What revenge will be Sheila?

After Sheila gave birth to more focused to take care of her child. Sheila will also provide exclusive breastfeeding for six months and had not thought to continue his work in the world of entertainment and showbiz.

Once free, she also did not plan to do special rituals, such as waste shit. She added, she plans only after stepping out, he will praise the Lord Jesus.

Sheila is now free. The plan he will stay in Jakarta until the birth of her child. In addition, Sheila is still a duty as an ambassador antiabortion at Harapan Bunda Hospital, East Jakarta.

Restore Glory Liontin Indonesian Pop

Restore Glory Liontin Indonesian Pop Four guys who joined the Liontin trying to restore the glory of precursor bands from Medan to exist in the music Indonesia. They want to go back up the famous Indonesian pop performed by the band Panbers and D'Lloyd.

Dedy (guitar), E'eb (Bass), and Rizki (drums), tells us that the music they bring is a character that could remind a lot of people in the decade 1970-1980. One of them is their clothes.

Lagu Cinta Jangan Marah, the first single Liontin to introduce myself in Indonesian music industry.

Liontin band trip was brief. They, too many times to enter the demo to labels, and finally under the banner Want to B, Arie and friends also realize his dreams.

Trials do not stop there. In the middle of the recording process, their drummer quit. Arie and her friend back for a new drummer to meet with Rizki.

Want to B himself is optimistic that Liontin would be a red thread Indonesian pop music that developed since the 1970 era. Although a common thread, according to Matthew, they still brought the music with their own color.

Liontin which takes the lion's philosophy of the lion, it wants to show that Arie and my friends want to have a high privilege and charismatic.

Album which was released on 3 February, is expected to be received in the Indonesian music scene. Though conscious, they are more targeted to the Ring Back Tone (RBT).

Although new to the first album, but the Liontin was designed plans for the next album. The plan, they will hold Panber's

John Mayer Disconnect From Jennifer Aniston Because Twitter

Singer John Mayer reveals the cause of failure of woven romance with actress Jennifer Aniston is a social networking site Twitter

One that makes them different is John a twitter while Anniston is not

Aniston Mayer also consider the pleasure of the Internet world, disrupting their relationships.And in the eyes of the handsome singer, Aniston was the one who should follow the development.

Although many discrepancies, Mayer decided it had regretted the fabric of a romance with Brad Pitt's ex-wife's.

Owner name John Clayton Mayer's relationship with Jennifer Aniston in April 2008. They broke up in March 2009. Both had appeared together in the arena affectionately Oscar, in February 2009.

Krisdayanti desire Studio For New Houses

scandal krisdayantiA few months ago, Krisdayanti has bought a house in Pondok Indah area. The house plans will serve as a studio.

As has been expressed by Tampubolon, Chairman of the RT region. He also said that Krisdayanti is not using the house as a place to live.

"The house was empty, things were a bit. Originally the house was going to be a studio," he said.

Tampubolon also said the house was registered in the name is not Raul Lemos KD. Sam's ex-wife who registered in his name.

"He says if he lived there alone," he said

Jennifer Dunn was accused woman's husband won

Jennifer Dunn scandalJennifer Dunn and his lawyer, Sunan Kalijaga, caught kissing on the lips of West Jakarta District Court. And Sunan been known to have a wife. Jennifer's husband was accused person seized.

Heard allegations that, Jennifer take it easy. Jennifer tells him already love to Sunan. And he did not want to cover it up

"Since I was sorry as he was, as he likes. Not that I took a married man, I just can not fool my feeling," he said.

20-year-old woman was choosing not want to bother with scorn from Sunan wife, Heidy. What is important for Jennifer, Sunan also loved.

After the hearing, Fanny Bauty-Mark Sungkar bicker

mark sungkarCouple Fanny and Mark Sungkar Bauty who had 20 years of marriage seemed to be difficult to be reconciled. After following the trial continued in West Jakarta Religious Court, Wednesday (10/2/2010) both involved argue the mouth.

The incident began when Fanny and her mother, Ariyani, leaving the main courtroom Jakarta barat PA, followed by Mark and lawyers both. When Fanny and Ariyani about to go into the car, Mark approached.

Born October 22, 2948 was then held hands Ariyani. Mark-in-law had spoken to them, but it is unclear what is delivered.

Seeing Mark to Ariyani treatment, Fanny offense and cast his anger to her husband. "What the hell is this? Did you say 99 percent saying she is not bener, hold you again say 110 percent no bener. The laws say you own a liar," said Fanny emotion to Mark, Wednesday (10/2/2010).

Fanny then release the grip force against Ariyani Mark. Ariyani look no speak see children and law argument.

Mark also reacted by saying Fanny. "How did you become such a hell," he said.

Soon lawyers Fanny and Mark broke up both. Mark by his lawyers to be kept out of Fanny's situation does not heat up.

Fanny with his mother and left the West Jakarta Religious Court.

Avatar Break Box Office Records UK

'Avatar', science fiction movies James Cameron filmed record. The film is nominated for Best Film at the Academy Awards in 2010 it became the best-selling movie in the history of UK box office.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (10/2/2010), 'Avatar' successfully shift the position of the musical 'Mamma Mia! " the chart in the UK's best-selling movies. Since the movie premiered in England in December 2009 and until today, the film starring Sam Worthington was successfully collected U.S. $ 115 million.

Meanwhile, at the Academy Awards-82, 'Avatar' received nine nominations. Among these, Art Direction, Cinematography, directing, and Visual Effects.

In the most prestigious event such award, 'Avatar' has two arch-rivals, namely 'The Hurt Locker' which also received nine nominations and 'Dictrict 9'. Can 'Avatar' movie title reconcile Bestsellers and Best Picture?

Because blood does not equal Nirina’s baby yellow colored

ernest-nirinaBabies Nirina Zubir actress who was born on Saturday (6/2/2010) and, had the dangerous condition because of the yellow. The baby is yellow because of the incompatibility between the blood of the mother and baby.

Described Nirina husband, Ernest, his wife has blood type O. While he, blood group AB.

Blood was later revealed Nirina have anti-B levels are quite large. And the baby's blood that celebrity couple is B.

"When he was still in the womb, he was still wearing the blood Nirina, O. But when she was born, he used the blood was his own blood, B. But because there was blood content of O that contains the most anti-B, there was disagreement blood. Blood B was attacked by O which contains anti-B's, "explained Ernest.

Blood contradiction makes, Zivara, so the baby's name Nirina and Ernest, yellow and dangerous bilirubin levels. According to doctor's advice, to quickly reduce the bilirubin levels, Ernest must find new O blood.

"Blood imaginable in the body he removed and replaced with a new O blood. Finally yesterday we were looking for blood and a lot of help," said Brown's guitarist.

Christopher Nolan Ready to Bring Superman Fly Again

superman is ready to fly again. Reportedly, Christopher Nolan is successful with 'Batman Begins' and 'Dark Knight' will go work on the latest film 'Superman'.

As reported by Aceshowbiz, there's Warner Bros.. Pictures have been asked for help from Christopher to relive the character of Superman. But in the film, he would not be served as a director, perhaps more as a producer.

The plan, 'Superman 3.0' is not equal to 'Superman Return'. The film will feature a new story of Kal-El, aka Clark Kent.

But to be able to watch 'Superman' is new, it takes patience. Until now, it is unclear when Warner Bros.. Pictures will release the movie

Female friends with Sammy rejected as a police

regina andriani sammy kerispatihRegina alleged that Andriani is a misleading police intelligence Sammy. as Andriani known that Regina is a woman who was arrested along with vocalist Sammy kerispatih when police arrested in his room

But the woman denied. "I'm not a cop and I was not told anyone," he said when met with Alex and Roy Marten Asmasoebrata on Jl Cikajang 60, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Regina explained that he had not been involved in contact with the security forces before the arrest of Sammy's room. he's in Sammy's room in the area Setia Budi, South Jakarta, just as a friend who was visiting.

"Incidentally, I just got back my shooting and meeting up appointments there. When I came to Sammy and went, he would take the ATM. And when he came out I was playing a laptop," he said.

About 30 minutes later Sammy came after going to take the money at an ATM. not long after Sammy arrived, the police came arrested them.

"There was a knock at the door, when sammy opened the door, turns out the police," he explained.

Regina admitted familiar with Sammy started around 1.5 months ago. Both happened to be a big motorcycle organization committee

Okie surprised when she heard her ex-husband Pasha Ungu Demanded 1.5 Years Jail

pasha ungu | okiedisputes between husband and wife which led to further court Okie Agustina against Pasha, the pasha demanded prosecutors purple vocalist with 1.5-year prison sentence. Prosecutor demands to hear the party was surprised Okie

"We do not believe it. I demand only first six months or eight months," explained John P Simanjuntak, a lawyer Okie.

John said that the prosecutor read out the demands are too heavy. Attorney State Attorney Supinah from Bogor demanding Pasha with 1.5 years in prison sentence for having violated Article 351 paragraph 1 and article 335 of the Penal Code.

"This demand is quite heavy and I think the charges are heavy," he said

Okie also according to John, would not be questioned if Pasha severe punishment. Because the most important for the Okie is no longer repeat Pasha rough behavior.

Prosecutors demanded Pasha Supinah sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for father of three boys also been doing the same to Okie.

"Pasha in the year 2008 has also been doing the same actions and punished with a suspended sentence of eight months," said Supinah.

Jane Lawalata play in Hollywood movies

jane lawalata | ChatterboxIt is possible to play a role in Hollywood films for children Indonesia. It also has been proved by Jane Lawalata, a successful movie makers in Hollywood through the movie through garapannya, 'Chatterbox'.

'Chatterbox', began as a college assignment Jane in New York Film Academy (NYFA) Los Angeles. Jane's thesis was made CF2 interest, a production house produced as a feature film.

Film cinematography IKJ women graduates it was played at the University of the District of Colombia, Washington DC. No surprise there audience response is very satisfactory.

'Chatterbox' was ogled by three large distributors Uncle Sam's country. Now the sales process falls into the hands Marvista Entertainment. 'Chatterbox 2' is expected to increase production next year.

"We also can go international with hard work. I was not looking forward to working on this movie sequel," Jane said when met at the 'Let's go Hollywood' at the Brewhouse, Senayan City, Jakarta Pusat.

After coming back from America, Director ambon tribe's descendants want to share knowledge and experiences in order to birth new seeds capable homeland strolled to Hollywood.

She will hold a workshop in Jakarta on 20 until February 21. Participants will also compete to produce the film. The best participants will receive a scholarship at the New York Film Academy during the week and tour packages to Los Angeles.