Anang Hermansyah make Blonde Loyalty

Anang Hermansyah make Blonde LoyaltySinger Anang Hermansyah, 40, was busy Promotion. Not only new songs, he also promotes loyalty in a relationship. Krisdayanti ex-husband created a symbol of loyalty that is described in terms of two index fingers.

When he appeared on stage or video clips, Aurel and father did not miss Azriel show symbols.Post-divorce with KD and again became active soloist, Sam threw her new single to the market.In a song titled SEPARUH JIWAKU PERGI my soul, Joey tells of an unfaithful spouse. This is described with two index fingers are crossed.

Now, in his latest song, JANGAN MEMILIH, the index finger was involved. Does that mean he has a wound healing?

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