Raul bought the house for Krisdayanti

Raul bought the house for KrisdayantiKrisdayanti (35) denied had bought a house worth billions of dollars by her husband, Raul Lemos. According to this singer, the new building is not residential, but used as a secretariat office for KD Production paperwork.

According to KD, the new building was purchased with money from his hard work earned investment.

KD said, to use the building as a place of business, he had asked permission to board neighborhood local. RT / RW gives permission, the condition does not cause noise and disturb the environment.

KD denied the news stating that she had to do pre-wedding in Bali. He even prayed for her ex-husband, Sam, get a suitable bride and albums Joey wants to be successful.

Some time ago news came that the KD has been doing pre-wedding with Rahul Lemos, businessmen from East Timor.

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