Single concert Gita Music Box for Gita Gutawa

Single concert Gita Music Box for Gita Gutawa major steps taken Gita Gutawa in his career. The first daughter of famous composer Erwin Gutawa it will make a single concert called Music Box Gita

Travel Gita in the world of music recently. Sweet girl born in Jakarta, August 11, 1993, was also recently had two albums, Gita Gutawa (2007) and Harmony of Love (2009). However, Gita was determined to give the best performance on that single concert.

during this preparation was plenty. Three months Gita Gitawa practice and sound engineering.In concert she'll sing 22 songs.

Singer award-winning Best New Immigrants and AMI Best Album Award 2008 will also be dance and perform musical scene. The music will be packed with the band, orchestra, too.

In addition there are special guest stars had been prepared for the concert Gita increasingly rampant. Unfortunately, he did not want to mention anybody's guest stars. The concert arena will be a proof for the award-winning New Kids On The Block from Rolling Stone magazine in 2008's. An offering will be well prepared with her show to public

Live concert, he was like when exposed to an album issued three years ago. Because of the name Bhosle, when the rate was much his album as a project of nepotism.

Apparently, the album was successful. Many good things come to him. Won numerous awards.Not only in the homeland but also managed to prove on the international capabilities.

One of the hardest things in the face of the concert is a matter of setting the school schedule and training. He had to school from 7 am until 5 pm. After that, the new practice Gita. Even so, Gita did not want to miss school. Academic achievement should continue to be made

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