Tamara Bleszynski reportedly pregnant

Tamara Bleszynski reportedly pregnantTamara Bleszynski find a mate after a widow for more than 3 years. The selected partner is Mike Lewis, the player models and soap opera. They were married in Bali, 2 February. This couple's wedding held at Villa Bayu hide Shabba and family attended only two parties and their close friends.

Tamara Bleszynski held a press conference for the first time, this new couple appeared in front of the media. Tamara and Mike came hand in hand with glowing faces. Mike's eyes looked so adored Tamara. Many times he called as his beloved wife Tamara.

Both performed well. Mike previously mentioned as Tamara affair was not much to talk about the wedding. Tamara did not talk about her pregnancy rumors. Instead they shared stories about their charitable actions done through the sale of wedding photographs.

Mike Lewis admitted finding the right mate Tamara Bleszynski on themselves. Without hesitation, Mike explained his feelings to the mother of one child.

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