Tina Toon Start Changing Image

Tina Toon Start Changing ImageTina Toon no longer willing to say little star artist, singer-song Bolo Bolo began to change the appearance in front of the camera so that the singer considered a teenager

Although a bit difficult, artist born in Jakarta, August 20, 1993, is trying to give something new to some fans.

To be accepted back country music lovers, artists who have the complete name Agustina Hermanto was trying hard enough. One of them, lose weight.

Therefore, to change the appearance, the first child between two brothers and partners Aan Hermanto Megawati's vigorous exercise and keep eating. Tina Tin reduce fatty foods and exercise regularly

Maia Estianty building to house the New Husband

Maia Estiantysinger Maia Estianty (33) build a luxury house worth USD 6 billion in Pejaten, South Jakarta. The house was built with the purpose As with the living with three children and her new husband.
Maia made three rooms for three children, namely Al, El and Dul, in houses built on land covering around 850 square meters. For fruit the same heart, Maia made the play facilities, swimming pool, and the studio.
Maia had expressed that the house was later also to live with her new husband. For Maia really want to get married in order to avoid a bad perception about the status of widows.
Umi, a spiritual teacher who is also close to actress Richa Novisha reveals, Maia is often poured out his heart to her. Umi admitted glad to see Maia could rise from the slump because of cracks household with Ahmad Dhani. Besides that Maia had said he would marry in 2010.
Sebelumnnya, paranormal Mama Laurent had predicted that in the year 2010 will be married to Maia albino man.
The new house was occupied by Maia. He had moved some furniture and equipment from his home studio in Pondok indah, South Jakarta to his new home.

Verlita Evelyn was married

Verlita Evelyn cinta fitriWedding procession between verlita and Ivan Saba held at Christ Church Cathedral, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, had gone smoothly. then verlita instantly resign from the shooting.
Verlita and Ivan just enjoy a day of rest, because, he had to go back through her routine as Maya in the soap opera Cinta Fitri.
Problem honeymoon, the couple actually Verli-Ivan also specially invited by President BJ Habibie for a vacation to Germany. However, apparently Verli and Ivan have a place they would visit for a honeymoon, the Krabi Island, Thailand. This tourism object is an island shaped like a private island.
Verli and Ivan continue to feel happy even without the presence of David AM Saba (Ivan's father who died last week), the entire series of their marriage took place as planned. Both can also be proud because through marriage with a car RI 1.
Old cars made in 1963 that in fact never be the President of service vehicles that are collections of parent friends of both families. According to Verli, the presence of an antique car that became part of their wedding theme is classic glamor.
Conferences and Ivan verlita first time in the GKI Pondok Indah in 2003. The meeting continued a year later, and they know thanks to Karen intervention. They finally dated on February 6, 2005. The date was also chosen for her wedding day

DJ Riri restrict guests at the wedding

DJ Riri restrict guests at the weddingAccording to Audi Mestika Riri Rachman, marriage is a great procession. Because of that, the man known as DJ Riri is limiting the guests who attended the wedding reception with Ola Harika.
A second marriage after divorce with Alice Norin is held two times, namely Sunday (14 / 2) and Sunday (21 / 2)
Couples wedding reception DJ Riri with Ola was held at a mosque in Medan, 8 February. DJ Riri submit a set of tools for prayer and the Qur'an dowry to her partner
DJ Riri admitted, his acquaintance with Ola occurred about seven months ago, since then he felt there was a match, both agreed to get married. According Riri, Ola does not question the status that had failed in the household through the ship.
Girl born in Medan, July 16, 1985 was also not question the 11-year age difference between the two. Mentioned about the honeymoon, Rini said should be postponed. because right now he's busy with her new album promo

Circumference decreased Denada dish 12 cm

DenadaThe emergence of artist Elizabeth Anggia Ayu Denada Tambunan make a lot of people surprised. Banyuwangi bloody artist posture looks more slender wrapped tight clothing.
How to look slimmer, Elizabeth Denada Anggia Tambunan Ayu was actually confirmed that he did was run a healthy lifestyle.
Princess Emilia Contessa senior singer added that she now no longer eat. foods containing sugar and fat. Besides that Denada also undergo a healthy lifestyle
Thanks to the strict discipline of food, finally able to smile when he reduced his waist circumference of about 12 cm in addition to regulate the diet, the girl born in Jakarta, December 19, 1978 was also diligent exercise. Denada daily jogging routine for about an hour

Suster Keramas protested Nurses

Suster KeramasThe mass of Nursing Students' Association of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi) in Makassar protesters refused the film Sister shampoo.

Around 100 nurses from various universities in Makassar in South Sulawesi before legislators to ask for assertiveness starring film artists from Japan, Rin Sakuragi, withdrawn from circulation.

They urged the House to recommend immediate removal of the film's marketing authorization for votes displays pornographic scenes to discredit the profession so nurses.

They also asked the Maxima Productions, which produced the film, pulled the film and immediately apologized to the public, especially to the nursing profession institutions who feel harassed.

World cinema in the country which should be the means of education, entertainment, and education is often caused by tainted director in developing a scene and giving the title. they also threatened if the movie is still playing then they will make sweeping in cinemas and shops that might sell compact discs (CDs) this film

Shireen Sungkar Birthday in Singapore

Shireen SungkarShireen Sungkar realized that as a public figure almost no side of life is so private. Including the intention to celebrate a birthday, the daughter of Mark and Fanny Bauty Sungkar is forced to dampen the desire to enjoy the special atmosphere with his extended family.

Shireen fan in Singapore was cast away on an invitation. They wanted to celebrate the birthday of his hero at the Lion Country.

In Singapore, a girl born in Jakarta, January 28, 1992 it was fairly well known thanks to the soap opera starring Cinta Fitri with Teuku Vishnu. Fans out there who have formed fan club, to celebrate the second birthday of the daughter's three brothers. Although not specifically celebrate birthdays, departure to Singapore last January that the fifth time.

asked about its activities through the filming of Cinta Fitri the artist who started his career as a semi-finalist 2006 Cover Girl is not often feel a sense of rejecting saturated. Moreover, his involvement in the soap opera MD Entertainment production has been going on for almost 3.5 years ..

According to Shireen, supporters love him with filming every Fitr Monday through to Saturday.Although the day off Sunday, but rarely can be used to rest.

One thing that can be recognized again to lift his spirits when considering fee is received as an actor in the soap opera cinta Fitri.

Krisdayanti Scolded DI3VA

Krisdayanti Scolded DI3VASinger Sam Milby said that he does not matter if his friends in the vocal group DI3VA angry at him. According to him, feeling angry and disappointed because they were three, namely Krisdayanti, Titi DJ, and Ruth Sahanaya, do not often see each other again and felt lost.

Yesterday Titi DJ also fill the same event. But they do not show intimacy. Kiyani also chose first home.

Krisdayanti for what happened with DI3VA for this is not a rift. He also still held the hope that DI3VA still solid and not dissolved. But Kiyani is not willing to disclose the conversation between him and Titi which occurred less than five minutes.

Since household Krisdayanti Anang Hermansyah break and lead to divorce, suddenly the little brother of the singer Yuni Shara is difficult in the contact. In fact, Titi has said that several times he failed to contact KD