Shireen Sungkar Birthday in Singapore

Shireen SungkarShireen Sungkar realized that as a public figure almost no side of life is so private. Including the intention to celebrate a birthday, the daughter of Mark and Fanny Bauty Sungkar is forced to dampen the desire to enjoy the special atmosphere with his extended family.

Shireen fan in Singapore was cast away on an invitation. They wanted to celebrate the birthday of his hero at the Lion Country.

In Singapore, a girl born in Jakarta, January 28, 1992 it was fairly well known thanks to the soap opera starring Cinta Fitri with Teuku Vishnu. Fans out there who have formed fan club, to celebrate the second birthday of the daughter's three brothers. Although not specifically celebrate birthdays, departure to Singapore last January that the fifth time.

asked about its activities through the filming of Cinta Fitri the artist who started his career as a semi-finalist 2006 Cover Girl is not often feel a sense of rejecting saturated. Moreover, his involvement in the soap opera MD Entertainment production has been going on for almost 3.5 years ..

According to Shireen, supporters love him with filming every Fitr Monday through to Saturday.Although the day off Sunday, but rarely can be used to rest.

One thing that can be recognized again to lift his spirits when considering fee is received as an actor in the soap opera cinta Fitri.

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