Krisdayanti Scolded DI3VA

Krisdayanti Scolded DI3VASinger Sam Milby said that he does not matter if his friends in the vocal group DI3VA angry at him. According to him, feeling angry and disappointed because they were three, namely Krisdayanti, Titi DJ, and Ruth Sahanaya, do not often see each other again and felt lost.

Yesterday Titi DJ also fill the same event. But they do not show intimacy. Kiyani also chose first home.

Krisdayanti for what happened with DI3VA for this is not a rift. He also still held the hope that DI3VA still solid and not dissolved. But Kiyani is not willing to disclose the conversation between him and Titi which occurred less than five minutes.

Since household Krisdayanti Anang Hermansyah break and lead to divorce, suddenly the little brother of the singer Yuni Shara is difficult in the contact. In fact, Titi has said that several times he failed to contact KD

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