Suster Keramas protested Nurses

Suster KeramasThe mass of Nursing Students' Association of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi) in Makassar protesters refused the film Sister shampoo.

Around 100 nurses from various universities in Makassar in South Sulawesi before legislators to ask for assertiveness starring film artists from Japan, Rin Sakuragi, withdrawn from circulation.

They urged the House to recommend immediate removal of the film's marketing authorization for votes displays pornographic scenes to discredit the profession so nurses.

They also asked the Maxima Productions, which produced the film, pulled the film and immediately apologized to the public, especially to the nursing profession institutions who feel harassed.

World cinema in the country which should be the means of education, entertainment, and education is often caused by tainted director in developing a scene and giving the title. they also threatened if the movie is still playing then they will make sweeping in cinemas and shops that might sell compact discs (CDs) this film

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