DJ Riri restrict guests at the wedding

DJ Riri restrict guests at the weddingAccording to Audi Mestika Riri Rachman, marriage is a great procession. Because of that, the man known as DJ Riri is limiting the guests who attended the wedding reception with Ola Harika.
A second marriage after divorce with Alice Norin is held two times, namely Sunday (14 / 2) and Sunday (21 / 2)
Couples wedding reception DJ Riri with Ola was held at a mosque in Medan, 8 February. DJ Riri submit a set of tools for prayer and the Qur'an dowry to her partner
DJ Riri admitted, his acquaintance with Ola occurred about seven months ago, since then he felt there was a match, both agreed to get married. According Riri, Ola does not question the status that had failed in the household through the ship.
Girl born in Medan, July 16, 1985 was also not question the 11-year age difference between the two. Mentioned about the honeymoon, Rini said should be postponed. because right now he's busy with her new album promo

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