Actor Andrew Koenig Suicide

U.S. ACTOR Andrew Koenig, who lost in Canada and had a role in 1980 television comedy of "Growing Pains", committed suicide.
"Our son took his own life," said Walter Koenig, who served as Lieutenant Pavel Chekov in the original TV series "Star Trek", told reporters. Andrew Koenig (41) was last seen on February 14, when he left the apartment of a friend who she visited in Vancouver, and he was reported missing four days later, after his father, who was in Los Angeles, United States, received a letter that conveys the destruction of the liver from his son.
The loss of Andrew made friends, including actress Alyssa Milano, actor Kirk Cameron and comedian Sarah Silverman sent a statement in cyberspace or statement to find out about its existence.
In the network his father, both parents are Andrew sent a long statement about his son, including the fact that he had suffered from clinical depression when she disappeared.
Walter Koenig pleaded with people who are depressed do not ignore similar to the disease and seek help.
After a search last week, Walter Koenig said he and his friend Andrew's last attempt to do a search on Stanley Park - a green field outside the grass, and trees that became tourist attraction in the city center - Thursday morning. Towards evening, a friend discovered the body of his son.

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