The house was busy preparing Dian Sastro fiancee

Dian Sastro engagementThe day before the engagement, the house beautiful actress Dian Sastro busy addressed. Dozens of people looked back and forth to do his duty to beautify the home.

tent was already installed on the home page. In addition to tents, the lights are also installed, as well as home decor. In addition, the generator also been prepared. Alleged to anticipate the occurrence of electric death, because recently a number of areas affected often die of electricity.

Some gardeners also looked busy beautifying the home page Sastro Dian, Dian Sastro will establish engagement with her boyfriend, Guna Indra Sutowo.

However, has not been established at what time this engagement will be performed. Dian addition, this weekend also Virnie Ismail'm happy. Because she had taken off single with his girlfriend Yudha Ferry Indra.

Dian Sastro about marriage until this very moment there is no clarity. estimated the wedding will take place April 2010. However, the number of confirmed KUA permohononan not get married the beautiful actress.

After Childbirth, Sheila Marcia Want Revenge

Sheila MarciaThere is pent desire of Sheila Marcia Joseph for revenge after having a baby later. This desire to put off for nine months. What revenge will be Sheila?

After Sheila gave birth to more focused to take care of her child. Sheila will also provide exclusive breastfeeding for six months and had not thought to continue his work in the world of entertainment and showbiz.

Once free, she also did not plan to do special rituals, such as waste shit. She added, she plans only after stepping out, he will praise the Lord Jesus.

Sheila is now free. The plan he will stay in Jakarta until the birth of her child. In addition, Sheila is still a duty as an ambassador antiabortion at Harapan Bunda Hospital, East Jakarta.

Restore Glory Liontin Indonesian Pop

Restore Glory Liontin Indonesian Pop Four guys who joined the Liontin trying to restore the glory of precursor bands from Medan to exist in the music Indonesia. They want to go back up the famous Indonesian pop performed by the band Panbers and D'Lloyd.

Dedy (guitar), E'eb (Bass), and Rizki (drums), tells us that the music they bring is a character that could remind a lot of people in the decade 1970-1980. One of them is their clothes.

Lagu Cinta Jangan Marah, the first single Liontin to introduce myself in Indonesian music industry.

Liontin band trip was brief. They, too many times to enter the demo to labels, and finally under the banner Want to B, Arie and friends also realize his dreams.

Trials do not stop there. In the middle of the recording process, their drummer quit. Arie and her friend back for a new drummer to meet with Rizki.

Want to B himself is optimistic that Liontin would be a red thread Indonesian pop music that developed since the 1970 era. Although a common thread, according to Matthew, they still brought the music with their own color.

Liontin which takes the lion's philosophy of the lion, it wants to show that Arie and my friends want to have a high privilege and charismatic.

Album which was released on 3 February, is expected to be received in the Indonesian music scene. Though conscious, they are more targeted to the Ring Back Tone (RBT).

Although new to the first album, but the Liontin was designed plans for the next album. The plan, they will hold Panber's

John Mayer Disconnect From Jennifer Aniston Because Twitter

Singer John Mayer reveals the cause of failure of woven romance with actress Jennifer Aniston is a social networking site Twitter

One that makes them different is John a twitter while Anniston is not

Aniston Mayer also consider the pleasure of the Internet world, disrupting their relationships.And in the eyes of the handsome singer, Aniston was the one who should follow the development.

Although many discrepancies, Mayer decided it had regretted the fabric of a romance with Brad Pitt's ex-wife's.

Owner name John Clayton Mayer's relationship with Jennifer Aniston in April 2008. They broke up in March 2009. Both had appeared together in the arena affectionately Oscar, in February 2009.

Krisdayanti desire Studio For New Houses

scandal krisdayantiA few months ago, Krisdayanti has bought a house in Pondok Indah area. The house plans will serve as a studio.

As has been expressed by Tampubolon, Chairman of the RT region. He also said that Krisdayanti is not using the house as a place to live.

"The house was empty, things were a bit. Originally the house was going to be a studio," he said.

Tampubolon also said the house was registered in the name is not Raul Lemos KD. Sam's ex-wife who registered in his name.

"He says if he lived there alone," he said

Jennifer Dunn was accused woman's husband won

Jennifer Dunn scandalJennifer Dunn and his lawyer, Sunan Kalijaga, caught kissing on the lips of West Jakarta District Court. And Sunan been known to have a wife. Jennifer's husband was accused person seized.

Heard allegations that, Jennifer take it easy. Jennifer tells him already love to Sunan. And he did not want to cover it up

"Since I was sorry as he was, as he likes. Not that I took a married man, I just can not fool my feeling," he said.

20-year-old woman was choosing not want to bother with scorn from Sunan wife, Heidy. What is important for Jennifer, Sunan also loved.

After the hearing, Fanny Bauty-Mark Sungkar bicker

mark sungkarCouple Fanny and Mark Sungkar Bauty who had 20 years of marriage seemed to be difficult to be reconciled. After following the trial continued in West Jakarta Religious Court, Wednesday (10/2/2010) both involved argue the mouth.

The incident began when Fanny and her mother, Ariyani, leaving the main courtroom Jakarta barat PA, followed by Mark and lawyers both. When Fanny and Ariyani about to go into the car, Mark approached.

Born October 22, 2948 was then held hands Ariyani. Mark-in-law had spoken to them, but it is unclear what is delivered.

Seeing Mark to Ariyani treatment, Fanny offense and cast his anger to her husband. "What the hell is this? Did you say 99 percent saying she is not bener, hold you again say 110 percent no bener. The laws say you own a liar," said Fanny emotion to Mark, Wednesday (10/2/2010).

Fanny then release the grip force against Ariyani Mark. Ariyani look no speak see children and law argument.

Mark also reacted by saying Fanny. "How did you become such a hell," he said.

Soon lawyers Fanny and Mark broke up both. Mark by his lawyers to be kept out of Fanny's situation does not heat up.

Fanny with his mother and left the West Jakarta Religious Court.

Avatar Break Box Office Records UK

'Avatar', science fiction movies James Cameron filmed record. The film is nominated for Best Film at the Academy Awards in 2010 it became the best-selling movie in the history of UK box office.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (10/2/2010), 'Avatar' successfully shift the position of the musical 'Mamma Mia! " the chart in the UK's best-selling movies. Since the movie premiered in England in December 2009 and until today, the film starring Sam Worthington was successfully collected U.S. $ 115 million.

Meanwhile, at the Academy Awards-82, 'Avatar' received nine nominations. Among these, Art Direction, Cinematography, directing, and Visual Effects.

In the most prestigious event such award, 'Avatar' has two arch-rivals, namely 'The Hurt Locker' which also received nine nominations and 'Dictrict 9'. Can 'Avatar' movie title reconcile Bestsellers and Best Picture?

Because blood does not equal Nirina’s baby yellow colored

ernest-nirinaBabies Nirina Zubir actress who was born on Saturday (6/2/2010) and, had the dangerous condition because of the yellow. The baby is yellow because of the incompatibility between the blood of the mother and baby.

Described Nirina husband, Ernest, his wife has blood type O. While he, blood group AB.

Blood was later revealed Nirina have anti-B levels are quite large. And the baby's blood that celebrity couple is B.

"When he was still in the womb, he was still wearing the blood Nirina, O. But when she was born, he used the blood was his own blood, B. But because there was blood content of O that contains the most anti-B, there was disagreement blood. Blood B was attacked by O which contains anti-B's, "explained Ernest.

Blood contradiction makes, Zivara, so the baby's name Nirina and Ernest, yellow and dangerous bilirubin levels. According to doctor's advice, to quickly reduce the bilirubin levels, Ernest must find new O blood.

"Blood imaginable in the body he removed and replaced with a new O blood. Finally yesterday we were looking for blood and a lot of help," said Brown's guitarist.

Christopher Nolan Ready to Bring Superman Fly Again

superman is ready to fly again. Reportedly, Christopher Nolan is successful with 'Batman Begins' and 'Dark Knight' will go work on the latest film 'Superman'.

As reported by Aceshowbiz, there's Warner Bros.. Pictures have been asked for help from Christopher to relive the character of Superman. But in the film, he would not be served as a director, perhaps more as a producer.

The plan, 'Superman 3.0' is not equal to 'Superman Return'. The film will feature a new story of Kal-El, aka Clark Kent.

But to be able to watch 'Superman' is new, it takes patience. Until now, it is unclear when Warner Bros.. Pictures will release the movie

Female friends with Sammy rejected as a police

regina andriani sammy kerispatihRegina alleged that Andriani is a misleading police intelligence Sammy. as Andriani known that Regina is a woman who was arrested along with vocalist Sammy kerispatih when police arrested in his room

But the woman denied. "I'm not a cop and I was not told anyone," he said when met with Alex and Roy Marten Asmasoebrata on Jl Cikajang 60, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Regina explained that he had not been involved in contact with the security forces before the arrest of Sammy's room. he's in Sammy's room in the area Setia Budi, South Jakarta, just as a friend who was visiting.

"Incidentally, I just got back my shooting and meeting up appointments there. When I came to Sammy and went, he would take the ATM. And when he came out I was playing a laptop," he said.

About 30 minutes later Sammy came after going to take the money at an ATM. not long after Sammy arrived, the police came arrested them.

"There was a knock at the door, when sammy opened the door, turns out the police," he explained.

Regina admitted familiar with Sammy started around 1.5 months ago. Both happened to be a big motorcycle organization committee

Okie surprised when she heard her ex-husband Pasha Ungu Demanded 1.5 Years Jail

pasha ungu | okiedisputes between husband and wife which led to further court Okie Agustina against Pasha, the pasha demanded prosecutors purple vocalist with 1.5-year prison sentence. Prosecutor demands to hear the party was surprised Okie

"We do not believe it. I demand only first six months or eight months," explained John P Simanjuntak, a lawyer Okie.

John said that the prosecutor read out the demands are too heavy. Attorney State Attorney Supinah from Bogor demanding Pasha with 1.5 years in prison sentence for having violated Article 351 paragraph 1 and article 335 of the Penal Code.

"This demand is quite heavy and I think the charges are heavy," he said

Okie also according to John, would not be questioned if Pasha severe punishment. Because the most important for the Okie is no longer repeat Pasha rough behavior.

Prosecutors demanded Pasha Supinah sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for father of three boys also been doing the same to Okie.

"Pasha in the year 2008 has also been doing the same actions and punished with a suspended sentence of eight months," said Supinah.

Jane Lawalata play in Hollywood movies

jane lawalata | ChatterboxIt is possible to play a role in Hollywood films for children Indonesia. It also has been proved by Jane Lawalata, a successful movie makers in Hollywood through the movie through garapannya, 'Chatterbox'.

'Chatterbox', began as a college assignment Jane in New York Film Academy (NYFA) Los Angeles. Jane's thesis was made CF2 interest, a production house produced as a feature film.

Film cinematography IKJ women graduates it was played at the University of the District of Colombia, Washington DC. No surprise there audience response is very satisfactory.

'Chatterbox' was ogled by three large distributors Uncle Sam's country. Now the sales process falls into the hands Marvista Entertainment. 'Chatterbox 2' is expected to increase production next year.

"We also can go international with hard work. I was not looking forward to working on this movie sequel," Jane said when met at the 'Let's go Hollywood' at the Brewhouse, Senayan City, Jakarta Pusat.

After coming back from America, Director ambon tribe's descendants want to share knowledge and experiences in order to birth new seeds capable homeland strolled to Hollywood.

She will hold a workshop in Jakarta on 20 until February 21. Participants will also compete to produce the film. The best participants will receive a scholarship at the New York Film Academy during the week and tour packages to Los Angeles.