Jane Lawalata play in Hollywood movies

jane lawalata | ChatterboxIt is possible to play a role in Hollywood films for children Indonesia. It also has been proved by Jane Lawalata, a successful movie makers in Hollywood through the movie through garapannya, 'Chatterbox'.

'Chatterbox', began as a college assignment Jane in New York Film Academy (NYFA) Los Angeles. Jane's thesis was made CF2 interest, a production house produced as a feature film.

Film cinematography IKJ women graduates it was played at the University of the District of Colombia, Washington DC. No surprise there audience response is very satisfactory.

'Chatterbox' was ogled by three large distributors Uncle Sam's country. Now the sales process falls into the hands Marvista Entertainment. 'Chatterbox 2' is expected to increase production next year.

"We also can go international with hard work. I was not looking forward to working on this movie sequel," Jane said when met at the 'Let's go Hollywood' at the Brewhouse, Senayan City, Jakarta Pusat.

After coming back from America, Director ambon tribe's descendants want to share knowledge and experiences in order to birth new seeds capable homeland strolled to Hollywood.

She will hold a workshop in Jakarta on 20 until February 21. Participants will also compete to produce the film. The best participants will receive a scholarship at the New York Film Academy during the week and tour packages to Los Angeles.

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