Okie surprised when she heard her ex-husband Pasha Ungu Demanded 1.5 Years Jail

pasha ungu | okiedisputes between husband and wife which led to further court Okie Agustina against Pasha, the pasha demanded prosecutors purple vocalist with 1.5-year prison sentence. Prosecutor demands to hear the party was surprised Okie

"We do not believe it. I demand only first six months or eight months," explained John P Simanjuntak, a lawyer Okie.

John said that the prosecutor read out the demands are too heavy. Attorney State Attorney Supinah from Bogor demanding Pasha with 1.5 years in prison sentence for having violated Article 351 paragraph 1 and article 335 of the Penal Code.

"This demand is quite heavy and I think the charges are heavy," he said

Okie also according to John, would not be questioned if Pasha severe punishment. Because the most important for the Okie is no longer repeat Pasha rough behavior.

Prosecutors demanded Pasha Supinah sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for father of three boys also been doing the same to Okie.

"Pasha in the year 2008 has also been doing the same actions and punished with a suspended sentence of eight months," said Supinah.

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