Restore Glory Liontin Indonesian Pop

Restore Glory Liontin Indonesian Pop Four guys who joined the Liontin trying to restore the glory of precursor bands from Medan to exist in the music Indonesia. They want to go back up the famous Indonesian pop performed by the band Panbers and D'Lloyd.

Dedy (guitar), E'eb (Bass), and Rizki (drums), tells us that the music they bring is a character that could remind a lot of people in the decade 1970-1980. One of them is their clothes.

Lagu Cinta Jangan Marah, the first single Liontin to introduce myself in Indonesian music industry.

Liontin band trip was brief. They, too many times to enter the demo to labels, and finally under the banner Want to B, Arie and friends also realize his dreams.

Trials do not stop there. In the middle of the recording process, their drummer quit. Arie and her friend back for a new drummer to meet with Rizki.

Want to B himself is optimistic that Liontin would be a red thread Indonesian pop music that developed since the 1970 era. Although a common thread, according to Matthew, they still brought the music with their own color.

Liontin which takes the lion's philosophy of the lion, it wants to show that Arie and my friends want to have a high privilege and charismatic.

Album which was released on 3 February, is expected to be received in the Indonesian music scene. Though conscious, they are more targeted to the Ring Back Tone (RBT).

Although new to the first album, but the Liontin was designed plans for the next album. The plan, they will hold Panber's

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