Because blood does not equal Nirina’s baby yellow colored

ernest-nirinaBabies Nirina Zubir actress who was born on Saturday (6/2/2010) and, had the dangerous condition because of the yellow. The baby is yellow because of the incompatibility between the blood of the mother and baby.

Described Nirina husband, Ernest, his wife has blood type O. While he, blood group AB.

Blood was later revealed Nirina have anti-B levels are quite large. And the baby's blood that celebrity couple is B.

"When he was still in the womb, he was still wearing the blood Nirina, O. But when she was born, he used the blood was his own blood, B. But because there was blood content of O that contains the most anti-B, there was disagreement blood. Blood B was attacked by O which contains anti-B's, "explained Ernest.

Blood contradiction makes, Zivara, so the baby's name Nirina and Ernest, yellow and dangerous bilirubin levels. According to doctor's advice, to quickly reduce the bilirubin levels, Ernest must find new O blood.

"Blood imaginable in the body he removed and replaced with a new O blood. Finally yesterday we were looking for blood and a lot of help," said Brown's guitarist.

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