Little singer Dara Swandana produced by Mira Lesmana

Mira LesmanaAs it is known that the Mira is very concerned lesmana children terhdap world. Mira Lesmana Caring for a child's world is not enough to be realized by making films for children. But the wife of a senior actor Muchus Mathias has now plunged into the world of music and sponsoring little singer Dara album titled Swandana “Tiga Kata Ajaib”
Sweet little album pairs M. Effendi Sitompul and Devita Fitr is a collaboration with Miles Music Trinity Optima Production. She worked on the seriousness of the music project was marked by a musician who also took members of the House Teresa Ebenna Ezeria Tere Pardede or as a composer. Do not miss Keyla contributed one song in the mini-album contains six songs.

Mentioned about his involvement, she said the start of the world's concern over the children. In his view, children are now forced to grow up. let alone a child listening to the song, they listen more and sing songs adult band.

Dara talent in Mira Swandana when a jury in a singing competition. Mira interest to Dara Swandana precisely not because of sophisticated vocal technique. However, her innocence and acts as a natural child.

Marcell'll Play Movie Again

Marcell'll Play Movie AgainAs we know that long marcell not play movies. After parting with Dewi Lestari, and then develop a new family with Rima Melati Adams, Marcell Siahaan pace rarely seen.

now, he's out single. Not a new song, but song ever sung recycle Dea Mirella and Jasmine Trias. Marcell is found in Central Sarbini ¬ says his only doing something he loved.

In the world of acting, after missing the ham ¬ Marcell almost five years will play a new movie. This time Marcell played in action movies plus medi ¬ ko. He said, in the film is martial arts scene, but the story contains elements of comedy. About the title, Marcell did not want to share. But definitely, tai chi sports fans are happy to return to acting.

His wife, Rima Melati Adams, strongly supports the decision. In fact, Marcell Rima helped in deepening the character. In Singapore, Rima also known as an actress. If Marcell had a headache to learn the role, which became encouragement Rima. he still had to get more deeply the role

Jessica Simpson talked to Oprah

Artist Jessica Simpson, 29 years old, told her guts to Oprah Winfrey. story about statements her former lover, John Mayer, about himself.
John Mayer once told Playboy magazine when Jessica was wild in bed.
The statement is for Jessica inflamed. In an interview to Oprah Winfrey on the Oprah Winfrey Show last Wednesday, Jessica looked upset. He said that did not want everyone to know how my time in bed. Jennifer Aniston similar. Friends television series players are also former boyfriend John Mayer was also upset with the words of Mayer in Playboy.
Without sin Mayer reveals love affair with Jennifer Aniston while. Their love story is told Mayer, and written in March 2010 issue of Playboy.
According to sources, Jennifer assessing what Mayer does not deserve it. told

Actor Andrew Koenig Suicide

U.S. ACTOR Andrew Koenig, who lost in Canada and had a role in 1980 television comedy of "Growing Pains", committed suicide.
"Our son took his own life," said Walter Koenig, who served as Lieutenant Pavel Chekov in the original TV series "Star Trek", told reporters. Andrew Koenig (41) was last seen on February 14, when he left the apartment of a friend who she visited in Vancouver, and he was reported missing four days later, after his father, who was in Los Angeles, United States, received a letter that conveys the destruction of the liver from his son.
The loss of Andrew made friends, including actress Alyssa Milano, actor Kirk Cameron and comedian Sarah Silverman sent a statement in cyberspace or statement to find out about its existence.
In the network his father, both parents are Andrew sent a long statement about his son, including the fact that he had suffered from clinical depression when she disappeared.
Walter Koenig pleaded with people who are depressed do not ignore similar to the disease and seek help.
After a search last week, Walter Koenig said he and his friend Andrew's last attempt to do a search on Stanley Park - a green field outside the grass, and trees that became tourist attraction in the city center - Thursday morning. Towards evening, a friend discovered the body of his son.

Nidji reached in Dahsyatnya Three Awards Nomination

Nidji reached in DahsyatnyaRCTI again conducted Dahsyatnya Awards. For the event of the award for the music that held human beings live from the Jakarta International Event and Convention Center (JITEC), Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta, In addition to category seeded Terdahsyat Song, Nidji also been nominated for the category Terdahsyat Band, and Stage Artists in Action Terdahsyat . Next Diurutan, followed ST12, Project Pop, Geisha, Purple, D'Massive, Wali, and Anang Hermansyah.
Interestingly, among the leading, came the name Lucky Men. Boy band led three children Ahmad Dhani, Al, El, and this Dul get two nominations, namely Terdahsyat song (Superman), and the New Immigrants Terdahsyat Artist.
The song category for Terdahsyat, Lucky Men competing with names familiar as ST12 (Let the Love), Guardian (Look for love match), Geisha (If Love Him), Purple (Capek), D'Massive (Do not Give up ), Nidji (the former), and Sam Hermansyah (Half of my soul Go). Artists are in the category of New Immigrants Terdahsyat, Al, El, and surrounded Dul 'brother, the Geisha, The Dance Company, The Potters, Vierra, and Zigaz.
"There are different with the implementation Dahsyatnya Awards in this year, in addition to selection based on SMS nominations there are some nominations that is an option that the jury Terdahsyat Nomination Video Clips, Video Clips Nominations Terdahsyat Director, Nominated Role In Video Clip Terdahsyat and Most Guest Stars Nomination Diligent Show Terdahsyat which makes this awarding more varied,
The jury selected for the 2010 Awards Dahsyatnya Djayadiningrat Dimas, Firdaus Fadlil, and Indra Dean Sakrie Yudhistira (Vice President Production RCTI). They have been doing the judging on last February 12, 2010. Of the many nominees selected five nominees for each category of jury selection judgments based on musical authenticity, and a few other things.
The event is hosted trio Raffi Ahmad, Olga Syahputra, and Luna Maya was also lively top musicians, such as Purple, D'Massive, ST12, Nidji, DENTAL, TRIAD, Guardians. For a solo artist names Rossa, Sherina, and Yuni Shara.

The film 'Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan’ ' Failed Served

Hantu Puncak Datang BulanHantu Puncak Datang Bulan’ film, starring the artist Andi Soraya, failed to appear in theaters, because, the film makers fear the threat from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).
This was disclosed over the phone by Yan Wijaya, a spokesman for K2K Productions, the film company that makes Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan’ . "From yesterday circulated SMS threats from FPI. If this film FPI will continue running the demo and confiscated the film, "he explained.
According to schedule, it should last movie will be shown in 32 cinemas in Jakarta. K2K Production party was already preparing the film for 43 copies distributed throughout Indonesia.
As is known, Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan was brought controversy, especially since the synopsis circulating on YouTube. In the film seemed a porn scene, among others, Andi Soraya melakoni off her bra and bed scenes with Ferly Son, newcomer actor who has become her lover.
On the other hand, FPI Chairman of DKI Jakarta, Habib Umar bin Salim, giving the label "moral terrorists" Come to the Ghost Month Peak. The label is attached to Salim when meeting Film Censorship Institution (LSF) related to the FPI protest over this horror film.
Not only the protests of the film. Protests also launched to Andi Soraya because heat scene. The next protest addressed to the LSF. Institution consisting of people from these areas is often considered a horror movie pass porn.

Sandra Bullock Go to Oscars 2010

Sandra Bullock Go to Oscars 2010In the best series Golden Globe nomination in 2010, several names come back to compete. best director, best film, best actor, best actress, best actor and best actress, again repeated in Hollywood cinema.
Avatar, film and best-selling James Cameron's creation in the Golden Globe back facing strongest competitor, The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow. Becomes interesting, because Cameron and Bigelow is a former spouse.
Is science fiction film Avatar back to repeat his success at the Golden Globes, or The Hurt Locker likened his position to one at Academy Awards or Oscars in 2010 on March 7, 2010 later? Both won nine nominations in different categories.
Cameron and Bigelow addition, three other prominent directors - Quentin Tarantino ( Inglourious Basterds ), Lee Daniels (Precious: Based on the novel Push by Shapphire), Jason Reitman (Up in the Air) - still a chance of victory.
while best lead actress category. Will compete Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep Oscar. Bullock, best actress at the Golden Globe