Little singer Dara Swandana produced by Mira Lesmana

Mira LesmanaAs it is known that the Mira is very concerned lesmana children terhdap world. Mira Lesmana Caring for a child's world is not enough to be realized by making films for children. But the wife of a senior actor Muchus Mathias has now plunged into the world of music and sponsoring little singer Dara album titled Swandana “Tiga Kata Ajaib”
Sweet little album pairs M. Effendi Sitompul and Devita Fitr is a collaboration with Miles Music Trinity Optima Production. She worked on the seriousness of the music project was marked by a musician who also took members of the House Teresa Ebenna Ezeria Tere Pardede or as a composer. Do not miss Keyla contributed one song in the mini-album contains six songs.

Mentioned about his involvement, she said the start of the world's concern over the children. In his view, children are now forced to grow up. let alone a child listening to the song, they listen more and sing songs adult band.

Dara talent in Mira Swandana when a jury in a singing competition. Mira interest to Dara Swandana precisely not because of sophisticated vocal technique. However, her innocence and acts as a natural child.

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aduh terjemahannya. kacau banget. Ini pake transtool ya?

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