Marcell'll Play Movie Again

Marcell'll Play Movie AgainAs we know that long marcell not play movies. After parting with Dewi Lestari, and then develop a new family with Rima Melati Adams, Marcell Siahaan pace rarely seen.

now, he's out single. Not a new song, but song ever sung recycle Dea Mirella and Jasmine Trias. Marcell is found in Central Sarbini ¬ says his only doing something he loved.

In the world of acting, after missing the ham ¬ Marcell almost five years will play a new movie. This time Marcell played in action movies plus medi ¬ ko. He said, in the film is martial arts scene, but the story contains elements of comedy. About the title, Marcell did not want to share. But definitely, tai chi sports fans are happy to return to acting.

His wife, Rima Melati Adams, strongly supports the decision. In fact, Marcell Rima helped in deepening the character. In Singapore, Rima also known as an actress. If Marcell had a headache to learn the role, which became encouragement Rima. he still had to get more deeply the role

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