The house was busy preparing Dian Sastro fiancee

Dian Sastro engagementThe day before the engagement, the house beautiful actress Dian Sastro busy addressed. Dozens of people looked back and forth to do his duty to beautify the home.

tent was already installed on the home page. In addition to tents, the lights are also installed, as well as home decor. In addition, the generator also been prepared. Alleged to anticipate the occurrence of electric death, because recently a number of areas affected often die of electricity.

Some gardeners also looked busy beautifying the home page Sastro Dian, Dian Sastro will establish engagement with her boyfriend, Guna Indra Sutowo.

However, has not been established at what time this engagement will be performed. Dian addition, this weekend also Virnie Ismail'm happy. Because she had taken off single with his girlfriend Yudha Ferry Indra.

Dian Sastro about marriage until this very moment there is no clarity. estimated the wedding will take place April 2010. However, the number of confirmed KUA permohononan not get married the beautiful actress.

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