Julia Perez became Sports Teacher

Julia Perez is not only good at acting. but the sexy actress was also able to teach as a teacher. Julia perez opportunity to teach in SMAN 16 Jakarta.

In the program Teacher Celebrities Trans 7, the 29-year actress gets allotted a gym teacher. Julia perez looks really enjoyed her role. Julia Perez was wearing a training teaches several sports. Among other things, boxing and martial arts

Being a teacher one day, he was not awkward sent some students came forward. In fact, an actress born July 15, 1980 it had a chance to practice how to attack using a boxing glove.

Although the activity through smoothly, Julia perez pleaded not easy being a teacher. A teacher must be able to set an example and gives a good example to students.

Julia perez says he is embarrassed when teaching the class. He also got confused when the talk ran out in front of students.

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