Target Ringgo Agus Rahman Marriage Before Age 30 Years

Ringgo Agus RahmanLovers who have a near-perfect, does not guarantee a man to be committed. At least that's what actors and presenters recognized Ringgo Agus Rahman.

Despite having a long love with a beautiful actress Revalina S. Temat, 27 years old actor was not thought to marry his beloved.

The actor's birth was August 12, 1982, said, he was always puzzled when asked when married. The question is, go Ringgo, together with the question of when she had children.

However, that does not mean, Ringgo not have a target. He admitted to removing the bachelor until age 30.

According to him have not been able to think about marriage. One of them, still want a lot to learn, especially about the world behind the scenes.

The desire to learn it, said Ringgo, can not walk up to if she was married. Therefore, while still single, he wanted to use as much time as possible to learn about the world behind the scenes.

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