Maia Estianty building to house the New Husband

Maia Estiantysinger Maia Estianty (33) build a luxury house worth USD 6 billion in Pejaten, South Jakarta. The house was built with the purpose As with the living with three children and her new husband.
Maia made three rooms for three children, namely Al, El and Dul, in houses built on land covering around 850 square meters. For fruit the same heart, Maia made the play facilities, swimming pool, and the studio.
Maia had expressed that the house was later also to live with her new husband. For Maia really want to get married in order to avoid a bad perception about the status of widows.
Umi, a spiritual teacher who is also close to actress Richa Novisha reveals, Maia is often poured out his heart to her. Umi admitted glad to see Maia could rise from the slump because of cracks household with Ahmad Dhani. Besides that Maia had said he would marry in 2010.
Sebelumnnya, paranormal Mama Laurent had predicted that in the year 2010 will be married to Maia albino man.
The new house was occupied by Maia. He had moved some furniture and equipment from his home studio in Pondok indah, South Jakarta to his new home.

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