Amini is married reported

Amini is married reportedAmini's ex-lover was director Jay Dimas has been rumored to release his widow status. However, the owner of the name was born Annissa Nurul Shanty Kusuma Heryadie Wardhani is still denied. He said it could only nodded. when he was not able to give a satisfactory answer journalists,

Celebrities with high quality labels jomblo this is often pursued because of his loneliness. Could, Shanty back into the arms of Jay Dimas. But then separated again.

Gossip marriage to a top banking official had also hit Indonesia. Shanty was successfully denied. he said he would be ngundang if married, because they do not want to get married secretly.

Currently the album owner of North Star's claim to still get together with her lover, Sebastian Paredes. And make sure he was still married to her lover.

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eliana said...

she is always on top gossip,,well congratz to her !

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