Asty Ananta went to Mecca and Request husband

Asty AnantaAnanta Asty soap opera star (Sebatas Impian) has plans to run the worship Umroh the holy land of Mecca. The purpose is as a gratitude to God for healing his mother and asked to immediately get Husband. Mother Asty ananta past few months, complaining pain in the head-to had been treated in hospital. Now, his condition began to improve. Ananta Asty umrah service through a second time. During nine days in the holy land, he would be accompanied by her mother, Yuntia Ningrum.

Asking for healing and health for the mother becomes the main objective while in the Holy Land (Mecca). But, besides that, the owner's full name Eka Wardhani Annastya Yuntya not forget to apply launched her husband. Understandably, the age was 26 years, he has also found the companion of life.

Prayer request husband thought it would. But, since childhood I believe all God's creatures were created in pairs. I am sure my partner to exist. If until now I have not married, maybe I'm prepared to be the best for him and vice versa.

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