After the hearing, Fanny Bauty-Mark Sungkar bicker

mark sungkarCouple Fanny and Mark Sungkar Bauty who had 20 years of marriage seemed to be difficult to be reconciled. After following the trial continued in West Jakarta Religious Court, Wednesday (10/2/2010) both involved argue the mouth.

The incident began when Fanny and her mother, Ariyani, leaving the main courtroom Jakarta barat PA, followed by Mark and lawyers both. When Fanny and Ariyani about to go into the car, Mark approached.

Born October 22, 2948 was then held hands Ariyani. Mark-in-law had spoken to them, but it is unclear what is delivered.

Seeing Mark to Ariyani treatment, Fanny offense and cast his anger to her husband. "What the hell is this? Did you say 99 percent saying she is not bener, hold you again say 110 percent no bener. The laws say you own a liar," said Fanny emotion to Mark, Wednesday (10/2/2010).

Fanny then release the grip force against Ariyani Mark. Ariyani look no speak see children and law argument.

Mark also reacted by saying Fanny. "How did you become such a hell," he said.

Soon lawyers Fanny and Mark broke up both. Mark by his lawyers to be kept out of Fanny's situation does not heat up.

Fanny with his mother and left the West Jakarta Religious Court.

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